As Rino taught him, Salvatore often reaches the dining room while the kitchen is left to Mariella, another Rino’s pupil, and to other apprentices.

At the end of lunch, served in the restaurant dining room with its comfortable chairs and contemporary paintings, guests may drink a good coffee that is prepared by Peppino in the attached bar. This can be reached through the corridor decorated by all the certificates recognised to Rino.

Among them, the most distinctive ones are those assigned by the Italian Gastronomic Academy: the parchment paper by which Rino’s heirs are considered as members of this order and may have the “Star to merit” for gastronomic skills and excellent activity. These rights can be passed to heirs together with other certificates such as the “patent letter” as recommended restaurant with “chosen typical cuisine licence” and the “golden ribbon”, usually assigned to a high excellence restaurant, which also has an enviable service.


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