The Romanesque cathedral
It is situated in the historical centre, next to the little square in the middle of the Roman road that links the ruins of the Rossi Earls’ castle to the Sanctuary of “Madonna delle Grazie”. The Romanesque church has three naves; on the columns’ capitals you can see the symbol of the Rossi Earls: the lion rampant.
The altars and the paintings that decorate the lateral chapels were made during the XVI and XVII century. Many sacred objects are exposed in the church museum (VIII century).
Among these you can see Saint Moderanno’s chalice that was made of silver and gold in 1517; the ostensory made of moonstone metal and offered by Parma, Piacenza and Guastalla Duchess Maria Luigia; the Saint’s cope that is a relic of inestimable value.
The castle ruins
The ruins of the Rossi ancient manor house are in the highest part of the village. They can be reached from Saint Moderanno’s square through the street entitled to Pier Maria Rossi who was Berceto master during the XV century.
In 1494 Charles VIII, the French king, stayed at the castle during his journey towards the conquest of the kingdom of Naples.
The Sanctuary dedicated to Madonna delle Grazie
It is located along the Roman road. Its origins date back from the XV century. The wooden statue of Virgin Mary towers on the main altar; this is a valuable piece of work from the XV century.
Every year in honour to Jesus’ mother the “Festa del voto” is celebrated here. This feast was established in 1630 in order to defeat a great cholera that outbreak in the area, to "calm God’s rage down and to obtain the forgiveness of men’s sins and the rescue from pestilence and infection."
The little church at Cisa Pass
9 km away from Berceto, along the road that was opened by Napoleon, improved by Maria Luigia and finished in 1859, at Cisa Pass, you can find the Sanctuary that was built in 1919 and dedicated to the Guardian Madonna because of a vow made by Flavio Fasce, a Genoese shipowner.
The little church was consecrated in July 16th 1922; in August 29th 1930 the bronze image of Mother Mary was crowned and the church was declared minor sanctuary.
From 1965 the Guardian Madonna has always been considered as the patron of every sportsman from all over the world. The Parmesan Vittorio Adorni, who in 1965 won the prestigious “giro d’Italia”, offered his “pink shirt” to the Cisa Madonna”; the same did Felice Gimondi who won the Tour de France in the same year.
Corchia: the ancient hamlet
The little hamlet situated in the Manubiola Valley has still a mediaeval appearance thanks to its houses made of stones Apennine style, to its paved streets, to its arches and to a luxuriant nature that surrounds it.


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