The 100 lakes park
The 100 lakes park occupies the mountain part of Parma Province, more or less between the Cisa Pass and the Lagastrello Pass.
The park area extends itself for about 12600 hectares and it is considered very important for its panoramas. Thanks to its glacial traces it remind people to the spectacular alpine settings. In fact, the presence of so many lakes in the park must be associated to ancient glaciers.

Parmensan Santo Lake

Mule-tracks in the Natural Reserve "Guadine Pradaccio"

Mount Sillara's Lakes

Royal eagle in flight
Historical itinerary
Our itinerary starts from Fornovo, a centre that was built on the Mount Bardone Road, the ancient Francigene Street that was covered by pilgrims going to Rome.
Following the traces left by pilgrims, you will reach Bardone, Cassio and then Berceto.
Berceto is a suggestive and typical village with its buildings made of stones, its paved little squares and its cobbled streets all around a main road.
After visiting Berceto, through the Apennine passage, you will reach Tuscany and start your descent towards the sea.

Indoor of the Parish Church in Fornovo

Prinzera Mount

View of Via Francigena in Cassio

Via Romea in Berceto


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