After Rino’s death, occurred on 26th February 2000, the sceptre of “king of mushrooms” and the title of “Stoves’ ambassador” have passed to his favourite pupil and son-in-law Salvatore Romano. Rino, together with his wife Peppina, was his precious teacher of both theoretical and practical lessons about cooking in the restaurant kitchen always full of stoves and smoking pots. Rino’s two children, Vittoria and Giuseppe, who is said Peppino, take care respectively of the hotel and the bar.
Salvatore has learnt to cook Berceto traditional food so well, that his same father-in-law used to praise him and said: “No one can beat him in preparing dishes based on ovules and porcini. He is even better at sweets and desserts”. During the Christmas period, he prepares “spongata”, a Berceto speciality. From an old secrete recipe that he managed to obtain and after different attempts, Salvatore has managed to combine and harmonise all ingredients, making spongata the “clou” of the restaurant desserts together with “dolce amore”. The chef himself who suggests with it a sweet “moscato” or “moscatello” wine coming from the Parmesan hills serves this dessert.
Wines, in fact, are his hobby too. In the old house cellar there are many renowned Parmesan, Italian and foreign wines all of which are chosen through the experience of a good sommelier. These wines must be tasted together with the restaurant main courses and are proposed to clients without asking “white or red?”. In fact, this question is never to be put to people who respect wine.
Salvatore usually takes orders directly from clients helping them with the choice of their menu. Sometimes, if they are uncertain, he ends up:
"Please let me do!".


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